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Proudly Serving Utah County

Need a FREE Vending Machine?

Satisfy snack and beverage needs in your workplace, school, gym, hotel, or club with versatile, easy-to-use vending machines offering healthy and traditional options everyone will love.


About Healthy Box

Based in Utah County, we are a family-owned and operated business, committed in promoting a healthy lifestyle. We help bring the best food and drink options to your customers, employees, students, patients, and staff. We’re built on a foundation of service, community, family, and excellence.


Vending Service Overview


Professional, complimentary installation of vending machines and ongoing service management.

Service Area

We service Utah County and a few outlying areas to provide exceptional service, and maintain optimum inventory levels.


Have specific snack requests? We can customize each machine to meet your needs and preferences.


State-of-the-art management technology tracks each transaction to learn which snacks your people enjoy most.

Only the best machines. 

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Debit Card

Credit/Debit Card Readers

Fully electronic payment/media console accepts most cards as well as $1, $5, $10 & $20 and has  a coin changer. 


Energy Efficient

CFC Free Modular Cooling System for environmentally safe and electrically efficient use. 


LED Illuminated Windows

Well-lit during the evening, easy to see products and ADA compliant setup. 

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Healthy Box Vending is a family owned & operated business. Nothing less than an excellent customer experience is acceptable. Let's see if a partnership is a good fit. Please reach out to us directly through the contact form. 


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